Jared Taylor on Reparations
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I've had a lot of email, most of it generous, about my Thursday piece on Ta-Nehisi Coates and Maya Angelou.  Thanks to all who wrote in.

(Just to re-post the standard disclaimer on email:  Everything non-abusive is read and appreciated (and, where suitable, plagiarized).  I reply as time permits, which it doesn't always.  I'm currently batting about .500 on replies.)

Jared Taylor over at American Renaissance has an even more scathing piece on the reparations fantasy, with several points I missed.  Strongly recommended.

Content aside, Jared's piece is elegantly written.  I particularly savored his deployment of the British verb "to swan."

I become sad and angry when I think of fine journalistic talents like Jared and Steve Sailer pushed out to the cultural margins for their heterodox opinions while third-raters like Coates and Richard Cohen have major platforms to babble from.

As I have observed before, it is one of the great governing principles of the human world:  Gold sinks, but poop floats.

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