Radio Derb Is Not Yet On The Air—But You Can Read The Transcript
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Something dire has happened to the Taki’s Magazine website, I don’t know what.  “Technical difficulties” is what they’re telling me; so they know the problem and are working on it.

The posting of this week’s Radio Derb and related podcast is therefore late.  I’ve gone ahead and posted the transcript anyway.  You can read it here.

It’s a short broadcast this week, 20 minutes instead of the usual 30-40, because I have been unwell.  Executive summary:

  • Ebola: What, me, worry?  (Health issues on my mind.)
  • Telescopic philanthropy.  (Charity begins at home.)
  • Obama has a strategy!  (But I say it’s spinach.)
  • Importing Africa.  (To our detriment and theirs.)
  • Biology’s a bitch.  (Race and sex:  making people angry since 100,000 B.C.)
Until Taki’s Magazine fixes those technical issues, you can read the transcript here.


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