Radio Derb April 28 Transcript Up: LA Law For Deportable Illegals, Etc.
May 03, 2017, 09:11 AM
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The Radio Derb  transcript for April 28 is up—go here to read or listen. Sample:
Item: We're not quite at that level of insanity over here, but we're trying hard to get there.

Case in point: Los Angeles Times editorial, April 25th, title: Offering lawyers to immigrants facing deportation is a worthwhile way to spend public money.

Yes, the LA Times editorial board thinks it's a spiffy idea to spend taxpayer money providing illegals with lawyers to argue their cases in immigration court. They note in scandalized tones that, quote:

The federal government, which is responsible for immigration enforcement, doesn't have the resources or the inclination to provide lawyers for the people it's trying to deport.
End quote. I should hope not. These are no-brainer cases. The defendant has no proof of lawful residence — no visa, no birth or naturalization certificate, no valid Social Security number — put 'em on a plane back home. What need is there for lawyering? He's illegal. What good will a lawyer do? What's the defense? The dog ate his visa?

Like I said, we're not yet as insanely suicidal as the Europeans, but we're getting there.