NYT: "Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees"
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From the New York Times oped page:
Australia’s Immoral Preference for Christian Refugees


SYDNEY, Australia — Like many Western countries, Australia has agreed to resettle refugees from the wars in Syria and Iraq. Unlike other countries, Australia explicitly favors Christians, even though they are a minority of those seeking refuge. …

And here’s the big ending:
Before World War II, Australia resisted international pleas to grant refuge to more Jews. “As we have no real racial problem, we are not desirous of importing one by encouraging any scheme of large-scale foreign migration,” a government official said in 1938.

Australia should consider that history may judge it harshly for treating today’s Muslims as it did yesterday’s Jews.

A. Odysseus Patrick is a writer for The Australian Financial Review.

Not surprisingly the text string “Israel” doesn’t appear in this oped, even though Australia and Israel have rather similar refugee rules.

What’s not mentioned in between all that is that Israel has the mirror image policy to Australia’s. The Jewish State, despite being much more conveniently close to the source of Syrian refugees, indeed occupying the well-watered and relatively underpopulated Golan Heights, which are recognized by the UN as Syrian national territory, only allows in Jewish refugees.

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