Radio Derb: Americans, Your Government Hates You
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Radio Derb is on the air!  There's a podcast, an mp3 file at Taki's Magazine, and a transcript.

In the antepenultimate segment of the broadcast I discuss the GOP's lamebrained STEM Jobs Act, formally the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math Jobs Act.  

I compare and contrast with Senator Chuck Schumer's BRAINS Act, formally the Benefits to Research and American Innovation through Nationality Statutes Act.  

I then propose legislation of my own:

The whole message of immigration talk from both parties is that Americans are no good.  Foreigners are so much brighter, more industrious, more entrepreneurial.  Having priced low-skilled Americans out of the bottom part of the labor market by allowing illegal Mexicans to flood in, Congress is now hard at work pricing the skilled middle-class out of their jobs with insults like the STEM and BRAINS Acts.

Here's my comprehensive ? yes!, comprehensive ? solution, which I am sure will be enthusiastically received by both parties in Congress:  the Systematically Crush America's Majority Act, known for short as the SCAM Act.

Question for discussion:  

Which congressional practice is more obnoxious?

A. Naming Acts of Congress after winsome victims?  Or

B. Giving them contrived acronyms?



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