Radical Left Confirms Railroading Of George Zimmerman
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The left-wing blog Talk Left has confirmed that the conclusion of this blog that the Florida Division of Law Enforcement investigation of the Trayvon Martin shooting has been a farce from the start.  (h/t The Volokh Conspiracy)

In a review of the publicly released evidence a leftist lawyer has concluded that Zimmerman will prevail either with Stand Your Ground or with a standard self-defense defense.

Talk Left May 27, 2012
George Zimmerman: The Most Likely Scenario
The investigation by FDLE [Florida Department of Law Enforcement. ed.] and the state's attorney's office was more cursory than that of the Sanford Police. On March 19, they tell Zimmerman's father haven’t made any conclusions and "It’s a mess." They start looking for anything to refute Zimmerman. They try W-3 who still thinks the person on top had a white t-shirt, even though she says she knows she's confused because neither had a white t-shirt on. She's no help to them.
They obviously (and for good reason) discount the roommates who saw and heard no struggle, just a cry for help and a shot and went from "Selma, is it a black guy who got shot?" and "There's a black guy standing over him" on the 911 call to making press conferences with Team Crump and going on TV repeatedly insisting they both saw everything from the moment of the shot, it was the boy crying out for help and this wasn't self defense.
Knowing there was no evidence to refute Zimmerman, the state investigators and prosecutors began concentrating on motive. Prosecutor de la Rionda interviews W-13, only interested in hearing him say Zimmerman acted like it was no big deal when he asked W-13 to call his wife and tell her he shot someone.
De la Rionda's only question for W-6, John, is whether he heard a loud punching sound when he observed Trayvon on top of Zimmerman. Is he going to argue there's no evidence Trayvon was still beating Zimmerman when Zimmerman shot him, and therefore his fear of serious bodily injury should have subsided and was no longer reasonable?


Clearly both Angela Cory and the FDLE pseudo-investigators have reached a conclusion and are desparately searching for the evidence to support their conclusion.  Verdict first, investigation to follow.  It looks like the FDLE is nothing more than a bunch of Chekists.

Read the whole article, Talk Left also comes to the same conclusion of The Wagist:  Trayvon stalked and attacked Zimmerman.

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