Racism And Democrats In The California Legislature
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California State Senator Don Perata (D-Oakland) [send him mail]has never been known for his eloquence and in fact almost seems to enjoy sticking his foot in his mouth at every available opportunity. Seriously, the simple fact that Democrats allow him to speak in public should have solidified a Republican majority in California years ago.

Here he goes again...in an interview yesterday, the Senate President Pro Tem said,

"Immigration is a red meat issue. You've got all these crackers down in San Diego taking on the governor. Even the governor was shocked," he said, referring to Schwarzenegger's assessment of the heated rhetoric surrounding the immigration debate in that part of the state. "Those aren't the people I represent. But there is no point in getting into a pitched, vocal battle with these people. ... If you start getting engaged with these people, you get tar all over yourself." [Perata calls bill's opponents 'crackers' by Lynda Gledhill, San Francisco Chronicle, August 4, 2006]

Crackers? Crackers? Perhaps the Senator is getting public speaking tips from Congresswoman Cynthia "I'm a BLACK woman!" McKinney.

As for "getting tar" all over himself, that may not be such a bad idea—it might glue his racist mouth shut.

Any bets on whether the MSM (or any one of our ten million "civil rights" groups) will condemn his remarks?

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