Priorities In The News Business
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Lawrence Auster compares the media coverage of Naveed Haq, mass shooter and murderer , and Mel Gibson, loud-mouthed drunk driver.

There is something seriously amiss when the raving drunken words of a movie director spoken to two officers in the back of a police car are treated as vastly more important than the fact that we have let millions of Jew-hating, Christian-hating Muslims into this country, one of whom, every few weeks it seems, acts out his jihadist rage with actual murder.

To repeat: we now have jihadist murders taking place regularly in this country, and we have tens of thousands of potential jihadist murderers walking around at liberty among us, but what we obsess about is a single unhinged comment by one celebrity who has never done anything to hurt Jews.Our flight from reality

Google News shows about 6,600 hits for Mel Gibson, updated 15 minutes ago, as I write, and about 1,310 for Naveed Haq, updated three hours ago. That's not very impressive, all things considered. In the meantime, Mark Steyn points out who Mel Gibson really hates:the English, who get not only slaughtered, but libeled in Gallipoli, The Patriot, and Braveheart.

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