"Racism" And Corruption: "I Think I Spot A Disproportion"
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John Derbyshire's latest Takimag column [We Shall Overspend!, May 15, 2014]  mentions a May 11 NY Post story:

Headline: “Huntley to be released as other politicians await probe fallout.” That would be Shirley Huntley, formerly a New York State Senator, currently finishing up a one-year term in the federal pen for having looted a nonprofit to which she’d been funneling state taxpayers’ money.

So what’s the news? Well, as part of the plea deal, Ms. Huntley secretly recorded conversations with other legislators and staffers.  Nine of their names are known.  One of the nine, New York City Councilman Ruben Wills, was arrested last week.

Not to keep you in suspense here, readers, I’ve made a little picture gallery of the nine: kindly click on this link. Not all have been indicted; you can read their current investigatory statuses at the New York Post story.

That's the picture above, and Derb writes
Of the ten people in this story—Ms. Huntley plus the gallery nine—not one is non-Hispanic white...Non-Hispanic whites are 58 percent of New York State’s population. If you were to pick ten New Yorkers at random, the probability of none of them being non-Hispanic white is 0.017802 percent, or about one in six thousand. I think I spot a disproportion.
I do too, and it's one that I've spotted before, see  Uninvestigative Journalism—The MainStream Media And Minority Politicians.

The MSM rule is that you only mention this when the perp claims racism.

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