Race Doesn't Exist, But Rep. Ed Case (D-HI) Can't Be An "Asian Trapped In A White Body"
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If Congressman Ed were to suddenly claim he is a woman trapped in a man’s body, nobody would be allowed to express public doubt … but an Asian trapped in a white body? That’s ridiculous, a scientific impossibility! From the Washington Post:

Rep. Ed Case said he’s ‘an Asian trapped in a white body.’ His apology didn’t help.

… At a reception intended to be a “celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander members of the 116th Congress,” Case reportedly told the crowd that he was “an Asian trapped in a white body,” according to National Journal fellow Nicholas Wu. ….

“I just oof’d so hard I blacked out for a sec,” one Twitter user wrote.

“As a haole who lived in Japan for 7 years and now lives in Hawai’i, I couldn’t imagine saying something like this,” another said, using a Hawaiian term for someone who is a foreigner. “Check your privilege Ed Case.” …

“Like so many others from Hawaii who treasure our multicultural heritage, I have absorbed and live the values of our many cultures,” Case said. “They and not my specific ethnicity are who I am, and I believe that this makes me an effective advocate on national issues affecting our API community.”

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