Quote Of The Day: "Liberal Advocates Of Mass Immigration...Who Normally Side With Working People"
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A quote I didn't get to use in my Labor Day piece:

It is no surprise that those who speak for the business community, such as The Wall Street Journal, advocate mass immigration. After all, no one has ever confused them with advocates for the working class. However, liberal advocates of mass immigration, such as Sen. Edward Kennedy (D-Mass.), who normally side with working people, must take their heads out of the sand and at least examine the new research on this issue. They must understand that we need to strike the right balance between our desire to admit new immigrants and our commitment to ensuring that the working men and women of this country can earn a living wage.
Labor's Day Off: Immigration, Declining Wages and the Insecurity of American Workers, Center for Immigration Studies, Steven Camarota, Labor Day, 1996


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