Questions For Sotomayor
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Senator John Cornyn has a list of twenty questions for Judge Sotomayor. Only three to them are about the subjects that Sotomayor is most vulnerable on:
  • Question 8: Does Judge Sotomayor believe that the firefighters' claims in Ricci v. DeStefano are routine and not worthy of careful treatment?
  • Question 12: Does Judge Sotomayor continue to believe that the city of New Haven should have been allowed to scrap the results of its firefighter exam on the basis of race?
  • Question 15: Is the Constitution color-blind?
These questions do not include the ones Steve Sailer proposed recently such as
You have described yourself on video as "a product of affirmative action" and an "affirmative action baby" and that it is "critical that we promote diversity." Considering your often-expressed passionate views on the topic and personal self-interest in promoting ethnic preferences, how could Frank Ricci have expected even-handed, colorblind justice from you?
Considering the personal benefits that ethnic preferences have provided you over the years, shouldn’t you have recused yourself from the Ricci case?
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