Quarterly Review Magazine Revived In Britain
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Derek Turner, who ran the now defunct Right Now! magazine in the UK, has refounded the Quarterly Review. The Quarterly Review was founded in 1809, and has taken part in some famous literary controversies over the years—Lord Byron blamed it for killing John Keats with a savagely bad review by a man named Croker, who is otherwise forgotten. (Although the latest issue includes a reprint of another hilariously vicious review by him.) Anyway, Keats would be dead by now even if he hadn't written that review, and Croker may have had a point about Endymion.

You can read Derek Turner's speech on the launch of the 21st century quarterly here, and subscribe here.

The latest issue includes a review of Sam Francis's Shots Fired, and an article by John Courthorpe "dissects a strangely revealing government report on the effects in urban areas of immigration and multiculturalism." .

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