"Psycho" Gang Member
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One of the accused in the case mentioned below is Richard Bordelon, a member of the Canoga Park Alabama Gang whose "gang name" is "Psycho." How crazy do you have to be to get that nickname in a gang of violent killers?

I used to know an ex-alcoholic, ex-lumberjack who told me that when he was a lumberjack, his nickname was "Psycho." I said "Excuse me, do you mean that you were so crazy that the other lumberjacks called you 'Psycho'?" (Lumberjacks are crazy. Not as crazy as day laborers, but crazy, and given to practical jokes which may involve dynamite, chainsaws, and double-bitted axes.)

He reassured me—it had been at the "biker bar in town" that he'd gotten that nickname, but the point remains that this Bordelon fellow must be pretty crazy to make Latino gangsters call him "Psycho."

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