"Psycho" Gang Member
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January 17, 2009, 07:50 PM
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One of the accused in the case mentioned below is Richard Bordelon, a member of the Canoga Park Alabama Gang whose "gang name" is "Psycho." How crazy do you have to be to get that nickname in a gang of violent killers?

I used to know an ex-alcoholic, ex-lumberjack who told me that when he was a lumberjack, his nickname was "Psycho." I said "Excuse me, do you mean that you were so crazy that the other lumberjacks called you `Psycho`?" (Lumberjacks are crazy. Not as crazy as day laborers, but crazy, and given to practical jokes which may involve dynamite, chainsaws, and double-bitted axes.)

He reassured me—it had been at the "biker bar in town" that he`d gotten that nickname, but the point remains that this Bordelon fellow must be pretty crazy to make Latino gangsters call him "Psycho."