Propaganda from The Atlantic about Evangelicals and Amnesty
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Is Immigration Reform Dead? Not if Evangelicals Can Do Anything About It ,(By Michael Wear, The Atlantic, July 18th, 2013) is the latest salvo of MSM propaganda attempting to portray evangelical Christians as favoring amnesty. Well, some prominent evangelical leaders, some of whom are getting Soros money, are fighting for amnesty. That doesn't mean it's the Christian thing to do, nor that it's suppported by all evangelicals. Here's how the article begins:

The path to immigration reform has been long and divisive, and it is difficult to see the finish line even now... In short, it's a hard slog ahead, with no quick finish in sight. For evangelical Christians, this type of drawn-out, hard-fought legislative battle is nothing new. But for a diverse coalition of evangelical leaders and congregants, it is new to be aligned with Democrats, and prodding Republicans to do what they believe is the right—and moral—thing. The reform camp is relying on evangelicals to help pressure the right into agreeing to changes, and leadership of the Evangelical Immigration Table—a group that is organizing evangelicals who support immigration reform—will meet with House Republican leadership on July 24 to state their case, according to the Rev. Samuel Rodriguez of the National Hispanic Christian Leadership Conference "Evangelicals have the opportunity to be the conscience of the nation," Democratic Rep. Joaquin Castro of Texas told me.

I've previously written about the Evangelical Immigration Table, and the evangelical Hispano-Chauvinist Rodriguez. Notice here too that Democrat Joaquin Castro (twin brother of SA mayor Julian Castro) says that "Evangelicals have the opportunity to be the conscience of the nation"—if, coincidentally, they agree with the Democrats!

Say, is there any chance that anti-amnesty evangelicals can speak to the House Republican leadership?

The article explains how mega-church preacher Bill Hybels became pro-amnesty. It's because he had a lot of illegal aliens in his church. Wow, that's a great reason. So if he has a lot of pickpockets in his church, would that change his view on thievery?

In the article, Wear goes on and on. If your only source was this article, you might get the impression that evangelicals are overwhelmingly for amnesty. Wear even quotes Rodriguez as claiming that if the GOP doesn't support amnesty, it could alienate evangelicals.

Of course, no evangelicals who oppose amnesty are quoted in the article.

Evangelicals who oppose amnesty need to speak out against the deceptive propaganda. Educate your congregational and/or denominational leadership. Don't donate money to ministries that support amnesty.

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