Meskhetian Turkish Refugee Streetracers: National Immigration Safety Board Needed
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Cops standing around flattened baby carriage: not a good sign
NBC 10 Philadelphia reports on a streetrace that killed four pedestrians:
When police led Khusen Akhmedov, shirtless, out of his home in Lancaster on Wednesday, neighbors didn't know he was about to be charged with killing a young mother and three of her children.

They did know that Akhmedov's car looked like it had been in an accident.

The same car he boasts about on his Facebook page, an Audi S4, is the car Philadelphia police say was speeding down Roosevelt Boulevard when it raced right into Samara Banks, who was crossing the busy highway with four of her children. Only one survived.

Court records in Pennsylvania show Akhmedov has nine driving infractions dating back to 2009. ...

Witnesses told police Akhmedov was speeding on the night of the crash. He and Ahmen Holloman were allegedly racing down the Boulevard when, according to police, Akhmedov lost control of his car, plowing into Samara Banks as she was crossing the street in the Feltonville section of the city with her kids. Banks, 28, died and so did her three youngest children, ages 7 months, 23 months and four years old. Her 5-year-old son survived with bumps and bruises.

On Akhmedov’s Facebook page, one of the videos posted is of a profanity-laced scene where two cars are seen drag racing on a deserted road. ...

There are also dozens of photos, including pictures of Akhmedov posing with the Rocky statue

Of course.


, a photo of him with EMTs, posing in front of a fire truck and another photo of him sitting on top of his Audi with a Philadelphia Police sticker visible on the trunk.

His neighbors on Queen Street in Lancaster assumed that because of the police sticker, Akhmedov worked for law enforcement. That is a stretch from the reality of his day-to-day life, where he faces trial in a federal fraud and conspiracy.

On his Facebook page, Akhmedov says that he earned a Criminal Law degree from Penn State. According to Penn State spokeswoman Betty Roberts, Khusen A. Akhmedov did attend Penn State for one school year — from the Fall of 2008 through the Spring semester of 2009 — but the school has no record of him graduating.

This just proves we must pass the DREAM Act.

Akhmedovv also mentions that he speaks Russian and Turkish. A friend of the family, who did not want to be named, said Akmedov came to the Lancaster area with his parents in the early 2000s. They chose that area because it has a growing community of Russian immigrants, according to the family friend.

Akhmedov is accused, along with six other people, of billing the government for millions of dollars in private ambulance runs that were not necessary. Akhmedov was an EMT for the company, according to the federal indictment.

From Lancaster Online:

 Akhmedov moved from Russia to Lancaster with his family almost 10 years ago, and they are now citizens. He is a graduate of McCaskey High School and was planning to marry soon.
Akhmedov's family are ethnic Meskhetian Turks, a group that has been persecuted for decades.

Meskhetian Turks were residents of Soviet Georgia. The Soviet Union was a finishing school for organized crime and disorganized living, especially in its Caucasus regions.

So, why was the Akhmedov family allowed into the U.S.? Is being a crooked meathead a job Americans just won't do? Was there a Streetracer Shortage? Were patients who didn't actually need ambulance rides to get to their dialysis appointments rotting in the fields? Was it Akhmedov's American Dream to not only play but live Grand Theft Auto? Did the Akhmedovs claim that a lot of people back home really hated them?

Perhaps those folks who knew them had their reasons.


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