Programmer's Guild Legal Actions make Slashdot
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Recently, the Programmer's Guild filed over 100 complaints against companies violating the rather lax laws governing H-1b visas.

The Programmers Guild, a group representing IT workers, has begun filing what will amount to about 380 legal complaints against U.S. companies advertising that they prefer to hire foreign workers with H-1B visas.

The group has filed about 100 complaints since May and plans to file about 280 more over the next six months, said John Miano, founder of the Guild. The complaints, made to the U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ), accuse several companies of advertising that they specifically want H-1B workers, a violation of U.S. law.

What is especially interesting is that the story is being discussed on Slashdot. For a long time, discussion of H-1b visas was a major taboo on that forum(my own story, The Jobs Crunch, managed to open discussion of H-1b visas on Slashdot when this topic was much more rarely discussed). Slashdot has regularly been carrying immigration related stories more recently.

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