Pro-Jihad Singer Cat Stevens/Yusuf Islam Performs with Liberal Icons
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My attention was certainly grabbed while watching the ”Restore Sanity” rally on C-SPAN Saturday when Yusuf Islam (formerly Cat Stevens until he went Islamic) was welcomed to the stage to do a little number. ”Restore Sanity and/or Fear” was the semi-comedic performance on the Mall on Saturday by Stephen Colbert and Jon Stewart to um, promote civility in public discourse, or something like that.

Interestingly, when Jon Stewart introduced the singer, he couldn’t bring himself to say the singer’s full name, just saying ”Joseph, or as it is also pronounced, Yusuf.” Or maybe that’s just the stage name, and the musician finds that leaving out the ”Islam” part results in better recording sales.

Yusuf Islam wrote and performed some fine songs back when he was Cat Stevens, but his conversion to Islam included support for the murderous fatwa against novelist Salman Rushdie:

Colbert and Stewart are a couple of clowns who are not as smart as they think, but well express the liberal zeitgeist of disappointment that their hero Obama is turning out to be a false prophet. Yet they cling to diversity beyond all reason, as shown by the Yusuf Islam shenanigans. Their pushing the idea that America has no enemies among Islamics and elsewhere is bad craziness. Multiculturalism is being shown to be another failed ideology, particularly in Europe, but they haven’t heard the news at Comedy Central that kumbaya hasn’t worked among hostile Muslims.

What has happened to liberalism anyway? Leaders like Harry Truman and FDR knew an enemy when they saw one and responded appropriately to protect the American people. Today’s President pursues senseless Islamic outreach strategies, like his hubris-filled speech in Cairo and his absurd effort to turn NASA into a Muslim-self-esteem project. Obama made a point of voicing his support for the widely despised Ground Zero mosque. And BHO is leaving November 5 for a trip to Southeast Asia: Obama sets Muslim outreach for Indonesia trip, which promises to have many cringe-worthy moments of anti-Americanism from the President.

It’s a tough world out there, particularly where Islam is concerned. Pacifism only creates a nation of sheep, ready for the slaughter.

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