Previously Arrested Illegal Alien Runs Red Light, Kills Four-Year Old Girl
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So familiar: a previously arrested illegal alien was allowed to remain in America and went on to kill — in this case, four-year-old Josie Bluhm. (See Illegal Alien Causes Crash: Little Girl Dead in Omaha.)

The admitted killer, Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa, did not feel any need to practice even normal caution and ran a red light like it was his right to do so. Several previous arrests with no punishment apparently taught him that he could behave in any dangerous way he wanted.

"The suspended driver and illegal immigrant blew a red light and slammed a pickup into a minivan near 180th Street and West Center Road in May - killing 4-year-old van passenger Josie Bluhm. For those actions, Eleazar Rangel-Ochoa pleaded no contest Tuesday to driving under suspension, a felony, and misdemeanor motor vehicle homicide. [...]

Rangel-Ochoa's case has been marked with questions about why he was driving and why he was still in the country after three drunken-driving convictions. [...]

Rangel-Ochoa faces up to six years in prison - five years for driving under suspension, one year for motor vehicle homicide - when he is sentenced in December. Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials have a deportation hold on him now - and Rangel-Ochoa is expected to be deported after he serves his sentence." [Illegal immigrant faces prison , October 7, 2009]

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