Press Ignores the Vital Muslim Immigration Factor in Charlie Hebdo Jihad
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In the past few days, the media have been focused on the Charlie Hebdo jihad massacre story with all guns blazing. However, the topic of Muslim immigration fundamentally changing France somehow got overlooked in all the verbiage. Tucker Carlson, a weekend host on a Fox News show, was a rare exception:

TUCKER CARLSON: Will someone somewhere make the obvious point that perhaps France is having these problems because it has the largest Muslim population in Europe as a result of its immigration policies? Is it time to rethink immigration policies in Europe and by the way also here in North America to pay attention to the country of origin? Is it a good idea to let people from countries where a lot of violent Islamism is rife come to this country? What do we get out of it? These are the kind of questions you might be hearing in coming days.

Diversity realists hope to hear those questions, at least.

Below, the totalitarian political ideology of Islam makes Muslims a poor choice to be immigrants to western nations.

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