Press Conference: Geert Wilders Warns America against Islamic Immigration
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Geert Wilders, an outspoken member of the Dutch parliament, has been visiting Washington this week, with a speech to a conservative group on Wednesday and an outdoors press conference on Thursday. Thanks to Rep. Steve King for posting a video of the whole presser.

Below, Geert Wilders at the podium, with Congressmen Scott Perry, Louie Gohmert and Steve King, left to right.


Geert Wilders has been speaking out for years against totalitarian Islam as a danger to western freedoms around the world:

“The Islamic immigration to our free western societies has proven to be a Trojan horse. The jihadis are among us today. And of course not all Muslims are terrorists; it would be ridiculous even to suggest that, but almost all terrorists seem to be Muslims today.”
He recommended that America should stop importing Islamic enemies via immigration:
“Trust me: go to Europe and see with your own eyes, Islam and freedom, Islam and liberty are incompatible. Go to any country, any arab or Islamic country where Islam is dominant, that Islam and freedom are incompatible, and we should be warned that what is happening there, the Trojan horse of mass immigration from Islamic countries to our societies, will also happen here, and I don’t want that to happen.”
Over its 1400-year history of carnage, Islam has become expert in the use of warfare, terror, intimidation and politics to conquer large swaths of territory. Some in our own government see it as an efficient system of running society without all that messy freedom, so we should pay attention to Wilders’ warning.

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