Prejudice at Civil Rights
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One of the more interesting blogs out there, The Muffled Oar, has a powerful story up MUFFLED OAR EXCLUSIVE: Illegal Hiring Campaign in Civil Rights Division Friday February 5, 2010

Civil Rights Assistant Attorney General Loretta King explicitly ordered Justice Department hiring committees to disregard any applicant resume that did not include experience working for a liberal civil rights organization, the Muffled Oar has learned…

She is the same Obama political appointee who told a crowd at the Justice Department she comes to work every morning and is "so glad that black men are now running the country.”…

Loretta King and her liberal henchwoman Karen Stevens have stacked the Justice Department career hiring committees with partisan ideologues. The Muffled Oar has received information that all conservative leaning and non-ideological career attorneys have been removed from hiring committees

The Muffled Oar points out that a number of reporters turned alleging politicized appointments in this Division by the Bush Administration into an industry, and predicts silence from them.

The Obama Administration is anti-white. The Massachusetts voters figured this out.

November could be interesting.

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