Post-Islamic Stress Disorder
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The alleged Fort Hood shooter turns out to be alive, and there's been a weird suggestion that he got Post Traumatic Stress Disorder from listening to war stories from patients:

”He would tell us how he would hear things, horrific things,” said cousin Nader Hasan, adding that dealing with soldiers returning from war zones was ”affecting him psychologically.”
It is a cruel irony that the very mental disorder Maj. Hasan was trained to treat may have claimed him as a victim. PTSD is increasingly being linked to suicide and violence among troops returning from overseas combat. Media reports indicated Maj. Hasan is single with no children.[National Post]

He may have been unhappy hearing about the war, especially if he was an enemy sympathizer, since he would then feel bad hearing about successful operations as well as scary one, but that's not the same as PTSD. You can't get post-traumatic stress disorder without actual trauma.

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