Post-Apocalyptica: Baltimore Orioles to Play in Empty Ballpark
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This is bizarre. The imagery will be memorable.

From the New York Times:

Orioles to Play Wednesday, but Game Will Be Closed to Fans


The Baltimore Orioles will play Wednesday’s game against the Chicago White Sox, but will not admit any fans amid unrest in the city, the team announced Tuesday.

The game had been scheduled for Wednesday night, but was moved up to 2:05 p.m.

Monday and Tuesday night’s games had already been postponed, and will be made up as a doubleheader on May 28.

A three-game series against the Rays scheduled for the weekend in Baltimore will be moved to Florida, though the Orioles will remain the home team of record and will bat last.

“After conversations with the Orioles and local officials, we believe that these decisions are in the best interests of fan safety and the deployment of city resources,” Rob Manfred, the baseball commissioner, said.

Though soccer games around the world have been occasionally played in empty stadiums, usually as punishment because of fan violence, the move is rare, if not unprecedented in major American professional sports.

Obama could show his support for the national pastime by coptering in, landing on second base, then sitting behind home plate in splendid isolation, the lone fan in Camden Yards (although surrounded — at a respectful distance, of course — by the Secret Service and Delta Force).

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