Portland Somalis Fumble a "Peace" Rally
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It’s tough for the religion that famously spread by the sword for the last 1400 years to present a convincing case that Peace is part of its portfolio – although the credulous press is happy to lap it up.

Still, an underwhelming gathering of 50 Somalis and supporters showed up Sunday evening to go through the motions of a peace rally, although the event had more to do with self-pity, chiseling cash and manipulating the media.

Somali, Muslim Communities Hold Peace Rally: Community Members Concerned Over Possible Backlash, Fox 12 TV, November 28, 2010

Portland’s Somali and Muslim community rallied last night on the steps of City Hall, calling for peace and unity in response to the FBI’s arrest of 19-year-old Mohamed Mohamud and allegations of a bomb plot at the annual Christmas tree lighting ceremony.

”We’re your neighbors, your friends, your co-workers,” said rally organizer Kayse Jama. ”The Somali American community strongly condemns any type of violence. We left Somalia because of violence.”

Jama also thanked Mayor Sam Adams and Commissioner Amanda Fritz, who attended the rally, for their support. Jama says the community is fearful of backlash.

Portland’s Office of Human Relations, led by Muna Abshir Mohamud, plans increased education and outreach.

”Islamophobia is very real,” said Muna Abshir Mohamud, who says she hopes to work with law enforcement to increase communication and step up security around local mosques.

You would think that the endangered parties were Somalis rather than Americans, who incidentally should be more concerned that a ”home-grown” terror plot is going to succeed one of these days.

The Somalis say they are concerned about ”backlash” and ”Islamophobia” – which are cookie-cutter responses to Muslim crimes that are designed to distract from the culpability of Islamic doctrines that preach death to the infidel throughout the religion’s scripture. As the saying goes, ”It’s not Islamophobia when they really are trying to kill you.”

Community leaders say while Mohamed Mohamud is innocent until proven guilty, there is a need to reach out to youth within the Somali community who may be at risk.

”We need to direct the right and appropriate resources to make sure young Muslim men do not continue to fall through the cracks, do not choose extremism or fanaticism as a real life option,” said Muna Abshir Mohamud.

The idea that ”appropriate resources” be directed so young Muslim males do not ”fall through the cracks” sounds a lot like a mooch for a big social services handout. Give us lots of money or we can’t guarantee that these wild Somali boys won’t kill you.

Apparently a normal American education of 12 years is not enough to overcome the Islamist ideology those boys get at the mosque or through the Islo-internet. Why do Muslims need more than other immigrant tribes? They don’t seem worth the trouble and danger, to put it kindly.

Outside of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland, where Mohamed Mohamud is expected to appear in court Monday,

Saba Ahmed, who says she’s part of his legal defense team for Mohamed Mohamud, prayed while outside of the Federal Courthouse in downtown Portland.

”I hope he’s okay,” she said. ”His family is really distraught..his friends..he’s 19-years-old.”

Jama said the family is requesting privacy as they face shock and sadness over the allegations.

”They’re devastated,” Jama said.

”Devastated?” How did the Muslims get to be the victims here?

Nice work, craven media.

Those who grew up with Mohamed Mohamud were also left shocked at the news of his arrest.

”It’s very unfortunate, for a person like that,” said Mahamed Ali, who says he’s known Mohamud for years. ”From what I know, he’s a really, really nice kid.”

Hey, lightbulb, if Mohamud is a really, really nice kid, then what are the bloodthirsty monsters like?

Here’s a local news report of the rather underpopulated Muslim peace rally:

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