LIBERTY Magazine On The Somali Bombing Suspect And The Refugee Industry
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The other day, I accused Liberty Magazine of occasionally making sense on the immigration issue—here's a fresh example. Editor Stephen Cox quotes an LA Times story that says

“Few details were available about Mohamud's early years. It wasn't known when he became a naturalized American citizen. . . . In 2008, the family settled in the newly built Merlo Station Apartments [in Beaverton OR], which provides housing for low-income families.”

And goes on to say:

Yes, that’s it, isn’t it? Suddenly, and for no apparent reason, tens of thousands of people from a politically primitive area of the world refugee out to . . . where else? America. No one knows why.
Thousands of them “are said” to have congregated in Oregon, of all places. No one knows why. Of course, they take advantage of “housing for low-income families.” I would, too.

He also investigates how much those apartments are costing the taxpayer, for the benefit of "everyone who believes that unrestricted immigration is an aspect of free enterprise." If you're a libertarian, it may help if you think of immigration as just another government program. Read the whole thing:Tell Me Why, by Stephen Cox, Liberty Magazine, November 29, 2010.

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