Pope Lectures Poles On More Immigrants; Meanwhile, Another Priest Attacked by Muslims
August 01, 2016, 06:49 AM
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Traditionally, as revealed in the writings of doctors of the Church like St. Augustine, the Roman Catholic Church has defended the idea of a flawed human nature defined by Original Sin. This kind of doctrine reflects conservatism in its truest sense, urging a skepticism towards utopian ideas and attempts to "immanentize the eschaton."

But under Pope Francis, apparently all things are possible. His Holiness recently traveled to Poland, one of the last bastions of the Faith in Europe. And rather than praising the homeland of John Paul II for its defense of Holy Mother Church, Francis urged Poland to throw its doors open and be eradicated.

Pope Francis urged pilgrims to "believe in a new humanity" that rejected hatred and refused to use borders as barriers.

God "demands of us real courage, the courage to be more powerful than evil, by loving everyone, even our enemies", he said.

Using technological metaphors, he described negativity as a "virus infecting and blocking everything" and urged young people to put prayer and the gospel at the centre of their lives...

The Pope has drawn large crowds throughout his visit.

But the highpoint is regarded as being Friday's trip to the Auschwitz death camp, where he offered a private prayer.

[Pope Francis says farewell to Poland with huge mass, BBC, July 31, 2016]

"Believing in a new humanity" feels like something you would get from an insipid pop star rather than someone who is supposed to be the guardian of thousands of years of sacred Tradition. But in The Current Year, banalities are taken as wisdom.

Pope Francis also descended into unintentional parody when he tried to explain the motivations of the Islamic State's attack on a Catholic church and the beheading of a priest.

The pope added then that the current violence was over economic and political interests rather than religion. “There is war for money,” he said on Wednesday. “There is war for natural resources. There is war for the domination of peoples. Some might think I am speaking of religious war. No. All religions want peace; it is other people who want war.”

[Pope Francis Says Ills of Global Economy, Not Islam, Inspire Terrorismby Francis Rocca, Wall Street Journal, August 1, 2016]

A serious question. Does anyone believe Pope Francis has actually read the Koran? Studied Islam? Cares about the fate of Middle Eastern Christians more than the opinion of atheist reporters?

Francis also offered some useless advice for dealing with the problem of terrorism.

Pope Francis suggested that the social and economic marginalization of Muslim youth in Europe helped explain the actions of those who joined extremist groups. “How many youths have we Europeans left empty of ideals? They don’t have work, and they turn to drugs and alcohol. They go [abroad] and enroll in fundamentalist groups,” the pope said. [Emphasis added]

His own experience in interreligious dialogue had shown him that Muslims seek “peace and encounter,” he said. “It is not right and it is not just to say that Islam is terroristic.” And he said no religion had a monopoly on violent members.

An interesting admission, that "we." Pope Francis of course is not European in the geographic sense, he is from Argentina. But he seems to have internalized the white guilt which has infected European peoples worldwide. Here, it is the responsibility of Whites not just to materially provide for the Muslim youth which have been unnecessarily imposed on Western populations, but also make them feel good about themselves. And if Muslims turn to terrorism and start killing us, well, it's our own fault. It's not like Christianity is any better than their religion anyway, they're all the same right?

Meanwhile, another priest was attacked by a Muslim in Europe.

priestA Belgian priest has been attacked by a man who claimed to be an asylum seeker. The perpetrator first asked Father Jos Vanderlee if he could take a shower and then demanded money. When the priest said no, the man stabbed him.
The incident took place in the small town of Lanaken, Limburg province, on the Belgium-Netherlands border on Sunday. The man who presented himself as an asylum seeker knocked on the door of Vanderlee’s home, asking for a shower and help.

"He said he was going to ask asylum in the Netherlands,” a spokesman for the Limburg prosecutor, Bruno Coppin, later said, as cited by Het Laatste Nieuws newspaper.

However, after showering, the man demanded money from the 65-year-old priest. When Vanderlee refused to hand over cash, he was attacked with a knife.

“Pastor Vanderlee defended himself [from the attacker] and suffered injuries to his hands,” says Coppin, adding that the attacker fled the scene.

The priest was transported to hospital and received surgery.

['Asylum seeker' stabs Belgian priest who let him in to shower, but refused to give cash, RT, August 1, 2016]

We're a long way from Deus Vult.

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