Pondering Paris: Why Not (Muslim) Emigration?
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Barry Goldwater's 1963 book Why Not Victory? was a revelation to a generation brought up to believe there was no alternative to continuous capitulation in the Cold War. Similarly, pondering the current immigrant riots in Paris - which have little-reported parallels brewing all over Europe, according to Paul Belien's excellent webzine The Brussels Journal - I find myself asking: Why Not Emigration?

People exit countries as well as enter them. The Christian communities of the Middle East, for example, are now notoriously in free fall although they survived over a thousand years after the Muslim conquest. Less well known, the Jewish community in the U.K. has also been shrinking. Immigrants can emigrate too.

Needless to say, MSM news stories, for example, this from the BBC posted a couple of hours ago, show no awareness of this revolutionary concept. The rioters are still "youths", whom a careful reading reveals to be active, by an amazing coincidence, in areas with "poor, largely immigrant communities with high levels of unemployment". The only option is (more) capitulation:

"Dalil Boubakeur, the head of the Paris mosque and the president of the French Council for the Muslim Religion, said living conditions for Muslim immigrants in the suburbs were unacceptable. They 'must be given the conditions to live with dignity as human beings', not in 'disgraceful squats', he said."

Oh, yeah? Well, they can live with dignity back home. The plain fact is that these rioting immigrants should not be in France at all. By omission or commission, the government made a mistake in letting them in. It should now simply resolve, as a matter of public policy, to encourage them to leave. To a very large extent, this is just a matter of finding and removing their numerous taxpayer-funded subsidies.

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