Pollaganda on Obamnesty: If MSM Asks The Right Questions, It Polls Well, Otherwise Not
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It's being reported all over that that Obama's unconstitutional administrative amnesty is polling welll:

Well, of course it's polling well if you ask the question the right way. Pollsters aren't calling people up on the phone and asking "Are you OK with Obama's unconstitutional administrative amnesty?" They're not saying "Obama just betrayed his country, how do you feel about it?" They're asking if it's OK for the government not to be mean to Dora The Explorer.

We call this Pollaganda here at VDARE.com.

Sean Trende also points this out, in the article I blogged about earlier:

Now, some may say that the DREAM Act polls well, and this is true. Remember, however, that the parties never campaign on the other side’s best frame of their policies, or even the most accurate frame. “Voluntary individual Social Security accounts for the young” polls fairly well, which is exactly why Democrats run against “Social Security privatization.” Similarly, Republicans won’t run against “stopping deportations of young Latinos brought to this country by their parents.” They’ll run against “amnesty,” which is radioactive with the white working class.

[Obama's Puzzling Immigration Decision By Sean Trende - June 19, 2012]

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