Poll on Diversity vs. Free Speech Among College Students: "Inclusivity" Is Better Than Freedom
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From the New York Times:

When forced to choose, a majority of students said that diversity and inclusivity were more important than free speech, though opinions differed widely by demographic.

Those who belong to groups historically or currently in positions of power — white students, men or Republicans — tended to favor free speech, while nearly two in three students who were black, women or Democrats favored inclusivity. That gap was widest along partisan lines, with 66 percent of Democrats saying inclusivity was more important and 69 percent of Republicans saying the same of free speech.

Uh, why would groups supposedly not “currently in positions of power” favor using power to limit free speech? Isn’t a more plausible interpretation that the people on campus who are more likely to favor free speech are those less likely to be powerful on campus?

Functionally, the people most likely to favor free speech are those who have less power and better arguments.

It’s interesting that blacks at historically black colleges have less extremist, more pro-freedom views.

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