"Poll: Clinton’s lead over Trump slipping since Orlando"
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The MSM is openly hostile to Donald J. Trump on a scale not seen since the 1964 Goldwater campaign, so it's a surprise to see this:
Hillary Clinton’s lead over Donald Trump with voters nationwide is eroding after Sunday’s mass shooting, according to a new poll.

Clinton’s edge over Trump has dropped 3.6 points since the massacre in Orlando, according to the Reuters survey out Friday.

Friday’s results found that 10.7 points separate Clinton, the presumptive Democratic presidential nominee, from Trump, her GOP counterpart.

Reuters said Clinton boasted a 14.3-point gap last Sunday, the day of the deadliest mass shooting in U.S. history.

[Poll: Clinton’s lead over Trump slipping since Orlando, by Mark Hensh, The Hill, June 17 2016. Links in original].

The Hill's Hensch also reports:
Reuters also reported rising enthusiasm for Trump’s temporary ban on Muslim emigration into the U.S. since June started.

Forty-five percent back that measure after last weekend’s attack, versus 41.9 percent who supported it at the start of the month.

Not unusually for Reuters, the key metric—the GOP nominee's white share—is not immediately apparent. But we'll keep looking. [UPDATE: It's up sharply—details here].
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