The Ideal GOP Presidential Candidate
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I'm surprised there hasn't been more talk yet about the one man who is the most obvious Republican nominee for the 2012 Presidential election.

Just as Barack Obama's nomination was the result of trends brewing in the Democratic Party since 1964, this man's nomination would be the logical end point of trends brewing within the GOP since the first Nixon Administration. He's:

  • smart
  • energetic
  • articulate
  • an MIT grad
  • has a long track record of experience in high office
  • he's on the right side of the issues that big GOP donors like Sheldon Adelson and the big conservative media care about most
  • and, as he's showed over the last week, he always dominates Barack Obama in head to head confrontations.
Ladies and gentlemen, I present you your 2012 Republican Presidential nominee ... Bibi Netanyahu! Granted, the Wall Street Journal will demand assurances that his past insensitive rhetoric on the illegal immigration issue will not continue in his new job. And, of course, some "birthers" will try to raise doubts, will claim that his birth certificate shows him having been born in Tel Aviv, but conspiracy theorists can be safely ignored.
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