Political Leaders Are Not Interested in Gathering Illegal Alien Crime Data
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This article considers the sometimes confusing information about the prevalence of illegal alien criminals: [Lack of data for tracking illegal immigrant crimes, KTAR 92.3 Radio, Phoenix AZ, September 27, 2008].
You've heard it from pundits and read it online: Illegal immigrants are clogging our legal system. They may come with the dreams of work and a better life, but they bring increased crime and strife.

But it's anyone's guess how many illegal immigrants enter the justice system, and how much it costs taxpayers. Neither the state nor the federal courts formally keep track.

"The data (are) terrible, and lead to entirely different conclusions,'' said Steven Camarota, of the Center for Immigration Studies, which supports tighter immigration controls. "No one has made it a priority. No one has ever wanted to know."

Amen. The authorities don't want the citizenry to know how badly they are failing in the basic responsibility of public safety.

It doesn't take much investigation into the topic of illegal alien crime to find that the available information is not adequate.

That fact alone is an answer to the question. The political and business elites do not want the advantage (to them) of open borders to be ended merely because of a little associated violent crime. It's an acceptable price of doing business for elites that a few thousand citizens are killed each year as a result of many criminals entering along with the exploitable workers.

America now has two systems of justice—one for citizens, who are required to obey the law, and a more permissive standrd for illegal aliens, who are routinely excused from criminal statutes.

The most extreme examples are the foreign criminals with long rap sheets who are released rather than deported or prosecuted. Unfortunately, these instances of politically correct policing are quite common, such as the murder of Jamiel Shaw II, who was killed by a known MS-13 gangster who was released from a Los Angeles jail despite his illegal alien status. Further north, San Franciscans were shocked to learn that a previously arrested illegal alien gangster took advantage of the city's sanctuary policy to live freely and kill Tony Bologna and his two sons.

Sadly, there are many more crimes like these that could have been prevented if the government did its job.

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