Please Help Frank Borzellieri
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Two weeks ago on I cautioned against hyperbole in speaking about those of us “bullied and badgered, pressured and purged” by the PC Thought Police.

But, being (to Peter Brimelow’s disgust) compulsively fair-minded, I must note that these PC purges and Two Minutes Hates are comparatively civilized. No-one has actually been killed or sent to the Gulag.

 I hastened to qualify that:

 Note, however, the word “comparatively.” I don’t mean to belittle the real distress and injustice in that list. As I pointed out when writing up the case of no. 45 on [Handle Haus]’s list: “Frank Borzellieri is now unemployable in the field he studied for years to enter, and his student-loan debt is mounting.” Similarly, Jason Richwine’s career as a think-tank analyst appears to be derailed for good, despite his stellar qualifications.

 My outlook on these issues was formed by my early infatuation with the brave dissidents of the U.S.S.R. and communist China:  people who put their liberty, careers, health, and lives on the line in the service of truth.

 Dissidents from PC orthodoxy in the present-day U.S.A. don’t face such dire consequences.  It seems to me impertinent to equate a person who has lost a pleasant slot as a writer for a magazine, or been dropped from a position as analyst at some think tank, with someone sent to break rocks in Siberia or Manchuria under the supervision of brutish labor-camp guards.

I still insist on maintaining a sense of proportion in these matters.  I must say, though, that the case of Frank Borzellieri is looking more and more totalitarian.

Readers can glean the essentials of Frank Borzellieri’s situation from the column I wrote for Taki’s magazine, linked to above and again here.  Frank’s entire fault was to have expressed in writing and speech some commonplace facts about human group differences, well supported by science.

Desperate to get back into the career he loved, had trained for, had spent a lot of his own money studying for, and was, by all accounts, very good at, Frank Borzellieri legally changed his name.

Under his new name he obtained a job as principal of a Roman Catholic high school in Pennsylvania.

His identity was somehow discovered (probably with the aid of the sinister, evil, witch-hunting New York Daily News), and he has now been fired from his new job by the diocese of Erie, Pa.

I know from my own experience that there are generous citizens willing to help victims of the PC inquisitors with financial assistance.  I beg these people—bless them all!—to help Frank Borzillieri in any way they can, either by a direct donation or by purchasing his book.  On Frank’s behalf:  Thank you!

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