Pinkerton wrong on Huckabee
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Earlier this month I applauded columnist James Pinkerton for his powerful denunciation of the STRIVE bill, in which he demonstrated an exemplary grasp of the fraudulent economics and despicable politics of this specimen of special interest log-rolling:

”the STRIVE Act… represents one group’s attempt to manipulate the system against another group - and also against the national interest. Do you think the working class in America has it too good? Do you want to make sure that you always have the option of replacing your current workers - the ones who do your meatpacking, or landscaping, or household toiling - with even hungrier workers? And do you not care about crime and social chaos, as long as they happen in someone else’s neighborhood? Or perhaps disuniting the whole United States, after you’re dead? Then STRIVE is for you.

Today I do not applaud Pinkerton’s hopeful essay on Presidential aspirant Mike Huckabee Huckabee a real right-wing long shot April 26 2007 . While it may be true that, generally,

Huckabee is not far from where the country is right now - even if, right now, he's a long way from the White House.

The assertion

Huckabee is a real conservative. He is anti-abortion, anti-gay marriage, anti-gun control, anti-open immigration

has to be questioned. has been watching Huckabee for a while. The sight is not pleasant. He has been an enthusiastic participant in the Majority-guilt dance, and has also displayed precisely the same irresponsible Chamber of Commerce low wage lust which Pinkerton so eloquently denounced. Only two years ago he was denouncing an Arkansas bill to restrain illegal’s access to State services as ”race-baiting and demagoguery”.

Mike Huckabee, like Sam Brownback, appears to be a case of Presidential fever inducing a moment of sensitivity to the grassroots, after a career of GOP Establishment courtiership.

Suggestion to Columnists: Run a search on for any Presidential aspirant attracting you. We have been watching.

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