Phony Refugee Minors Head For Canadian Border
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The Canadian media reports on a familiar familial scam—parents sending their unaccompanied kids to get a foothold as refugees—who can then sponsor their parents.

Lone kids seek entry at border August 17, 2009 By Tom Godfrey, Sun Media, London [Ontario] Free Press

TORONTO — As many as four children a week are showing up without parents or loved ones at Niagara Falls border crossings to file refugee claims to stay in Canada, U.S. immigration workers say.

And some suspect unscrupulous consultants may be behind the scheme to send child refugees here for a hefty fee so that one day they can sponsor their parents. About 200 children are expected to seek asylum this year at Niagara crossings, officials said.

The under-18-year-old children are in the U.S. illegally or arrive there from other countries and head to the border, said Brian Brown-Cashdollar, [email him] executive director of Vive Inc., a Buffalo shelter that helped resettle almost 4,000 refugees in Canada last year.

I was curious about the name Cashdollar, which seems singularly appropriate for a refugee worker. It turns out to be an Anglicization of Kirchthaler, and a sign of assimilation from the last century. Country music star Cindy Cashdollar says that "Is Cashdollar a real name?" is her most Frequently Asked Question.

I think the Canadian government should probably complain to the American government about the existence of Buffalo, New York agency whose mission is to sleaze third world refugees into Canada. But then, the US government should be complaining about a lot of the things the Canadian Government does—see Canada’s Immigration Policy Threatens U.S. Security by Michelle Malkin.

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