Peter Worthington Replies To Peter Brimelow
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Peter Worthington has responded to Peter Brimelow's McCain, Unz, Worthington, Frum—And John Demjanjuk?, in the Toronto Sun, as well as on FrumForum. Worthington writes:

One who takes issue with my defence of McCain is Peter Brimelow who runs, and who I once hired as a Sun columnist and who remains (I hope) a valued friend with a lively, distinctive, combative mind.

Brimelow suspects McCain betrayed Vietnam PoWs who are Missing in Action – the 600 or so PoWs who were unaccounted for when some 591 were released after the war.

Their fate remains a mystery. Various sightings have been reported and Bill Stevenson’s and Monica Jensen’s book, Kiss the Boys Goodbye, probed the mystery.

As a former PoW, McCain disbelieved anyone was still alive, and felt giving false hopes to relatives was misleading and cruel. Efforts to undermine McCain in favour of Hayworth, include depicting him as one who sold out fellow PoWs.

In his VDare blog, Brimelow implies David Frum “has wheeled out his father-in-law ... (me) ... to try and quash questions about John McCain’s record as a PoW and his subsequent blocking of MIA inquiries.”

My Sun column also appeared on, which is where Brimelow spotted it.

C’mon Peter, you can do better than that!

I have a lot of use for Peter Brimelow, and am inclined to agree with his view that mismanaged immigration is damaging to both Canada and the U.S.

Certainly Canada’s policy towards illegal immigrants verges on the lunatic – illegals able to claim refugee status when caught trying to enter with fake passports. Years pass, while they stay in Canada awaiting disposition.

McCain has flip-flopped on Mexicans illegally entering Arizona, and his tougher line now is because Hayworth and the Tea Party movement have momentum. Arizonians have had a bellyful of illegals getting a free pass.

In light of Washington’s refusal to do anything, Arizona has taken it upon itself to require people to prove their identity and citizenship, which human rights zealots view as profiling and a cardinal sin, which is also nuts.[John McCain’s record is his best defence: Worthington, June 1, 2010 ]

There's also a FrumForum version, with links to us, (I added the links in the above text.)


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