Peter Brimelow To Speak In Turkey - All Welcome!
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Hans-Hermann Hoppe is hosting a conference of the Property and Freedom Society in Turkey in May,and Peter Brimelow is going to be one of the speakers. He'll be speaking on "The Libertarian Case Against Open Immigration".

So if you're in Turkey, as some of our readers are, or if you expect to be in the neighborhood , then drop in. Details below:




Property and Freedom Society

Third Annual Meeting

Karia Princess Hotel

Bodrum, Turkey, May 22-26, 2008


Mustafa Akyol

Understanding the Ottoman Empire, Modern Turkey, and the Kurdish Question

Peter Brimelow

The Libertarian Case Against Open Immigration

Enrico Colombatto

In Defense of Corruption

Anthony Daniels (aka Theodore Dalrymple)

The Culture of the Underclass

Thomas DiLorenzo

The Errors of ”Public Choice’

Sean Gabb

The Nature of Ancient Financial Markets

Paul Gottfried

Perspectives on the Role of Religion in American Life

Hans-Hermann Hoppe

On Human Rationality

John Laughland

The Travesty of Political Trials

John Lott

More Guns Less Crime

Yuri Maltsev

Alexander Solshenitzin on Politics and Economics

Benny Peiser

Climate Change, Societal Evolution, and Progress

Remigijus ? ima??ius

How to Deal with Bullies as Neighbors? Reflections on the Foreign Policy of Small Countries

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