Peter Brimelow's Latest WND column: S.744 Will Further Immiserate Americans
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My latest WND column has just been published, focused on Schumer-Rubio's proposed huge increase in legal immigration:

Naturally, most public attention is focused on the amnesty provisions. And they are truly outrageous.

But the increase in legal immigration is the real kicker here. It’s been smuggled in along with amnesty because, while opinion polls can sometimes be tortured enough to seem to show that, under various impossible circumstances, Americans might support amnesty for some illegals (children etc.), there has never been any poll that shows Americans want legal immigration increased.

Yet that’s what the financial musclemen who are providing that lavish funding to market the Amnesty/Immigration Surge – Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg,’s Michael Bloomberg, etc. – really want. They want cheaper computer programmers, as well as cheaper golf course tenders. (Yes – Bloomberg once actually said this!)

There’s a huge amount of money at stake. By depressing wages, current immigration policy shifts some 2-3 percent of Gross Domestic Product from labor to capital. That’s a windfall profit to the plutocrats of $300-$450 billion a year.

And remember, the Amnesty/Immigration Surge bill could triple legal immigration. So we could be looking at a diversion of income to the plutocrats amounting to more than a trillion dollars.

This is a looting of the U.S. economy that can only be compared to the Russian oligarchs’ theft of assets as the Soviet Union collapsed.


This is my third WND column this year—others here. WND likes comments. I would take it as a personal favor if readers weighed in.

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