Peter Brimelow On Steve Curtis Show: Trump Is GOP’s Last Chance—If They Can't Adapt, It'll Be Third Party
Print Friendly and PDF Editor Peter Brimelow was on the Steve Curtis show on KLZ talking about James Kirkpatrick's article  GOP Establishment Bungles Coup—And Will Pay Price. Here's a quote from Peter:

For the Republican operatives, I don’t see how they think they’re going get along ...I mean if they haven’t kept control of the legislative branch, or something like that, why would anybody give them anything?

And I don’t mean in terms of policy, I mean in terms of jobs and influence. The question of course, which I’m brooding about right now, is this: at, we never expected Trump, nobody did. We thought the Party was fully in the hands of the Amnesty Establishment and what we call the Treason Lobby. And it is treason, what’s been done to the U.S. It is treason,  what Clinton is proposing to do.

But, we’ve always thought we'd end up with a Third Party. You know, the Second Party System [of 1828-1854] wasn’t broken much by slavery, it was broken by immigration, the American Party [frequently called the Know-Nothings] came along and destroyed the Whigs. So really, Trump was the Republican Party’s last chance. If they betray him, there’s going be a Third Party. Maybe he’ll found it himself if he’s mad enough.


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