Peter Brimelow Mourns Milton Friedman
November 16, 2006, 05:26 PM
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Occasionally you see something in the news that really makes you sick and for me it`s the report a few minutes ago that Milton Friedman, the great free market economist and Nobel prize winner, has just died at the age of 94. Friedman`s mind and personality were pure magic and he was personally kind to me in very many ways - for example, blurbing my 2003 education book , which meant (being Milton) that he read the whole manuscript with great care.

Milton was a famous libertarian, but you won`t read about this, a quote from our 1997 Forbes Magazine interview , in many obituaries.

BRIMELOW: Where does the Wall Street Journal`s editorial page campaign for fixed exchange rates fit into this [movement to free markets]?

FRIEDMAN: You got me! I think that`s just an aberration. My God, how the hell can they stick with that? They`ve just got an idée fixe about it. Like they`ve got on immigration. It`s just obvious that you can`t have free immigration and a welfare state...

BRIMELOW : [Wall Street Journal editor Robert] Bartley says he thinks the nation-state is dead, that we`re moving to a world driven by markets, free movement of labor and capital. I`m not sure what he thinks the political institutions will be. Your view?

FRIEDMAN: No, I don`t think the nation-state is dead. And all attempts to depart from the nation-state in the direction of the United Nations and a United States of Europe have so far been complete disasters.