Alabama Republicans Survive Blowout: Knows Why!
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The WSJ's OpinionJournal has this Republican success story today, about Bob Riley's win as Governor in Alabama. He got 58 percent of the vote overall, iincluding what the Journal calls " an impressive 20% of the black vote. "

Here are the reasons the GOP won in Alabama, hey say:

How, then, did Mr. Riley recover from such political disaster to win re-election so resoundingly? Not just Mr. Riley but editorial writers across the state will readily identify his successes in the "Three Es": economic development, education and, not least, ethics [Alabama Lazarus Act A Republican success in a Democratic year. BY QUIN HILLYER Thursday, November 16, 2006 ]

And here, via Hugh McInnish, on, is an even better reason, which may escape mention in the WSJ:

MONTGOMERY — While President Bush pushes Congress to overhaul U.S. immigration laws, state Republican leaders are doing some pushing of their own.

They passed a resolution that asks the federal government to seal the country's borders against illegal immigrants.

Republican Party Executive Director Chris Brown said Tuesday that the party's Executive Committee approved a resolution on illegal immigration drafted by Hugh McInnish of Huntsville.

McInnish wants the government to shut the country's borders to illegal immigrants and "employ all practical and legal measures required to achieve this end." The Huntsville engineer said he is concerned that current immigration practices make it easier for terrorists to enter the country and put a greater financial burden on taxpayers.

[State GOP: Seal border against illegals, By M.J. Ellington, Decatur Daily News,JUNE 22, 2005]

UPDATE: Of course a certain amount of credit has to go to Senator Jeff Sessions, (R-AL) who has stood against amnesty in the Senate like, ahem, "a stone wall." Sessions wasn't up for re-election this year, but his example no doubt shored up other Alabama Republican candidates.

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