Peter Brimelow Appears on Canada's SunTV to Discuss Out-of-Control Immigration
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Has any conservative talking head on Fox News ever suggested that Muslim immigration be halted? If so, I never saw it. By comparison, SunTV’s Michael Coren (who has lived in the Middle East) asked that politically incorrect question generally to the audience and directly to’s Peter Brimelow.

The result was a discussion about multiculturalism, cultural disintegration and the intention of the elites to “elect (import) a new people” more to their liking.

Coren observed, “Many people are saying look at the countries of origin of potential immigrants. And if these countries are used to sharia law and Islamic triumphalism, maybe they can’t adapt to United States or Canada or Europe.”

Brimelow responded, “In the 1920’s the Americans imposed an immigration law that established a national origins system that discriminated in favor of people who came from the place most Americans had come. In 1960’s they decided it was very bad and discriminatory and they abolished it. What subsequent experience has shown is national origins actually do matter, in all kinds of ways, not just shooting soldiers, but also in academic performance and so on. People from different countries do differently… The interesting thing about this case is that the Muslim community in Canada has reached a critical mass where it actually refuses to assimilate… there’s a certain critical mass where you see reverse assimilation taking place.”


Below is one example of many where unwise immigration brought death to Americans: the Boston Marathon was bombed by two Muslim brothers whose family became immigrants using a bogus asylum claim. The bombs killed three and seriously injured 264 including 14 who lost limbs.

Here’s another recent item with Coren, interviewing security expert David Harris, where the focus is on how the police are reaching the limits of staff who can keep track of the hostile Muslims thought to be terror threats. Harris recommends immigration to Canada be reduced to a manageable few tens of thousands annually.

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