Diversity Lane: Laughing at the Left
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Political cartoons are usually to the left and often portray immigration reformers as racist, xenophobic buffoons. But at last one cartoon series is using satire and humor to lampoon the far left — including anti-American open borders advocates.

Diversity Lane: A Liberal Family Saga is the creation of Zack Rawsthorne. A professional artist, Rawsthorne started the series ”get people laughing at the left.” The cartoon follows the life of a liberal white family that is the epitome of political correctness. The father is an ACLU lawyer constantly fretting about the Boy Scouts and other extremists, even while defending Muslim terrorists. Allison (shown above) is a public school teacher always on the lookout for politically incorrect subversives. Devon is a humorless feminist academic who never sees the irony and hypocrisy of her own opinions. These PC characters are often undercut by Diversity, the 8 year old daughter of Alex and Allison who lends a bit of sanity to each situation.

Multiculturalists hate being laughed at so, of course, they despise Diversity Lane. Which means it is perfect for VDARE readers looking for a laugh. See here for more examples of this innovative cartoon series.

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