Pelosi on the Ineffable Effableness of the DACAites
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Neil Munro of Breitbart pulls out a few quotes from Nancy Pelosi’s 8 hour speech today on DACAites’ ineffable effableness (or perhaps vice-versa):

These are the best of the best. They are so fabulous …

… when you see them and they tell their stories and the passion and the pride — the patriotism, passion, pride, patriotism, that they demonstrate, you will see why anyone who has had the wonderful experience of being in conversation or observing our dreamers, understand why they have had such a high reputation among the American people. some of whom have met them, some of whom have heard about them, some of whom have just catch the spark, catch the spark.

Let us acknowledge the dreamers and their optimism, their inspiration to make America more American…

Again, their parents were so courageous. they had a dream for their children and some of these children are now reflecting that they’re living their parent’s dream for them and that’s what America has always been about …

Again, a theme about honoring the vows of our Founders for a new order for the ages, every generation would take responsibility to make the future better for future generations. That’s exactly what these the families of these dreamers did. Family members took risks, had courage, hope, optimism, courage — did I say courage twice? — and determination to make the future better for their families. And doing that for their families, they were doing that for America too …

We’re a great country because we’re constantly reinvigorated by immigrants coming to our country. Their commitment and courage and commitment to the American dream which drew them here in the first place strengthened the American dream. As newcomers with all of that hope and aspiration, they make America more American when they come here and that’s why our country will not stagnate.

Nancy is sounding a lot like Tom Buchanan in The Great Gatsby, just with the Who-Whom polarities reversed: You Americans have stale, stagnant blood.

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