Peggy Noonan: "Open-Borders Proponents Are, Simply, Wrong"
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Peggy Noonan has an immigration column so sentimental that I'm going to suggest that you don't Read The Whole Thing. But she comes to an anti-Open Borders conclusion:

Whatever our sentiments and sympathies as individuals, America has the right, and the responsibility, to protect the integrity of its borders, to make the laws by which immigrants are granted entrance, and to enforce those laws.

I think open-borders proponents are, simply, wrong. I think those who call good people like members of the voluntary border patrols "yahoos" are snobs. I think those whose primary concern is preserving the Hispanic vote for the Democratic Party, or not losing the Hispanic vote for the Republican Party, are being cynical, selfish, and stupid, too. It's not all about who gets what vote, it's about continuing a system of laws that has allowed America to become, among many other things, a place immigrants want to come to.OpinionJournal - Peggy Noonan, At the Immigration Rally | Having an open heart doesn't mean supporting open borders, April 13, 2006

Peter Brimelow and reader Ryan Kennedy discussed Peggy Noonan's deviationism from the WSJ position, the last time she wrote a column like this.

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