Pay Gap: Hispanic Females Do 57 Percent Of The Work That White Men Do, By Actual Dollar Value
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Axios has a story [Latinas make inroads but face unique challenges, by Astrid Galván, Russell Contreras, Axios, March 7, 2023] which has the common complaint about a ”pay gap.”

EyeSlashO replies on Twitter:

Their specific claim is

By the numbers: Latinas are still paid around 57 cents for every dollar paid to white, non-Hispanic men even as they enter the workforce in record numbers, says an analysis of census data by UnidosUS.

UnidosUS is what used to be known as La Raza; they changed their name in 2017, see Allan Wall’s Memo From Middle America: National Council Of La Raza (The Race) Changes Its Name. But Not Its Mission—Abolishing The US Border!

What they don’t seem to realize is that this means Hispanic women are, on average, 57 percent as productive as white males, by actual dollar value, according to what economists refer to as the General Market.

It may be that they work 57 percent as hard, 57 percent as well, 57 percent as much or some combination of that, but that’s what it means. There are, of course, some unskilled jobs where that doesn’t matter much—housekeeper, fruit-picker, fast food cook—and in those jobs, they displace American women workers.

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