Paul Ryan Doesn't Want To "Push" Illegals Into Citizenship—Protecting HIS OWN Job, Not Yours
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Someone retweeted this:

First of all, he has a point—Mexicans working in America don't want to be Americans any more than Americans working in Saudi Arabia want to be Arabs, or Americans working in France want to be Frenchmen. They're soujourners, who will go back to Mexico to retire.  If they die in America, they'll have themselves sent home to be buried. For all these people,

The work permit is the amnesty

That's as far as illegal immigrant are concerned, but how do Republican legislators feel? Well, in the words of Territorial Governor William J. LePetomane, in the movie Blazing Saddles, their attitude is:

We've gotta protect our phony baloney jobs!

Yes, Ryan's plan of legalization without citizenship will protect the jobs of Republican legislators from new, Democratic leaning citizens—while leaving every other American working man and woman hanging.

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