Amnesty/ Immigration Surge Hinges On August Recess—McCain Says "We're Not Winning This Fight"
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H/T One Old Vet

POLITICO has just posted perhaps the most heartening story yet about the Amnesty/ Immigration Surge bill:  Immigration could hinge on August recess, by Carrie Budoff and Jack Sherman, June 18 2013:

The White House and its immigration reform allies are banking on the August recess as their next — and possibly last — major opportunity to compel House Republicans to act.

With the issue stalled in the House, the monthlong congressional break is the linchpin of a campaign that President Barack Obama, Senate immigration leaders and a broad coalition of groups now expect they’ll have to wage through the end of the year. They realize they must make progress in the next month to stand any chance of keeping the issue alive into the fall.

 “We’re not winning this fight,” Sen. John McCain, a Gang of Eight leader, told POLITICO Wednesday. [Emphases added]
The article's tone is deeply negative. Of the lobbying campaign:

The reaction from House Republicans is uniform: Don’t bother. Even [Marco] Rubio called it misguided....

House leadership and rank-and-file Republicans say the campaign underscores a fundamental misunderstanding of Speaker John Boehner’s conference.

Instead of only the 30 to 40 Republicans Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) privately estimated to be against the comprehensive Senate bill, the GOP leadership pegs the number at roughly 180. The number of supporters can be counted “on one hand,” a senior GOP aide said.

Better still:
Progressive activists have been debating privately about the need to escalate their tactics... Acts of civil disobedience with a moral element could be the next step, advocates said.
Indeed, the Treason Lobby's strong-arm tactics are already provoking a backlash:

House Republican lawmakers and aides privately said they’re frustrated that business is taking cues from Schumer and that they will take note of which organizations turn up the heat on their members.

“None of these companies or associations should think for a minute that this is a free pass for them,” a senior GOP aide said. “We won’t forget who got in bed with Chuck Schumer. He is against their interests 90 percent of the time, and now, he is threatening them, and they rush to grovel at his feet. Sad.”


Experience teaches that elite enthusiasms like Amnesty/ Immigration are very hard to kill. But if patriots keep up the pressure, this could be a turning point.

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