A Dynamite Job Suggestion For LA's Desperate, Departing Mayor
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For wisdom, look to online comments by readers!

Steve Sailer has just called attention to Los Angeles Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa's present material poverty and dim-appearing job prospects.  Steve, who lives under Villaraigosa's suzerainty, added interesting perspective about Villaraigosa's career of racial grievance-mongering and about how that plays into Villaraigosa's personal economic future.

But—to my taste—the most creative employment tip for Villaraigosa is by one Carol Trongeau, in the comments thread of the LA Weekly article (Antonio Villaraigosa's Quest for Wall Street, Washington and Wealth, by Patrick Range MacDonald, May 23, 2013) about His Honor's difficult situation that Steve linked.  Wrote Ms. Trongeau:

I don't see why he can't buy an old F-150 pickup, a string trimmer, and  a lawnmower.

I tried to find a telephone number for the LA mayor's office so that I could pass Trongeau's helpul tip to Villaraigosa (or, more likely, to an administrative flunkey for [unlikely] transmission to the great hustler, himself—at least I'd have the fun of hearing the flunkey attempt to suppress a laugh!).  However, my online search for a phone number proved fruitless. 

If any readers can come up with such a number, I encourage them to make the call.  But when they do, they should add "leaf-blower" to Ms. Trongeau's brief list of capital equipment needed for lawn care.


Readers who'd like to catch the character of Villaraigosa's ethnic grievance-hustling via a brief sound clip can listen here.  (That's an MP3 clip that, currently, will play for me using Internet Explorer 7.0.5730.11 but not with Firefox 21.0.)  The woman who introduces the clip is Evelyn Miller of the California Coalition for Immigration Reform [CCIR]

You can read the story of some of the most striking such audio recordings in CCIR's Greatest Hits: The Reconquista Rant Audio Clips.  (It can be very useful to know about these clips and actually play them for our massively ignorant fellow citizens.)

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